Sound and Emotions Concert by Bapu Flute

Bapu Padmanabha SDM Kalakshetra Dharwad

Bapu Padmanabha,Bapu Flute

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Feb 1st, 2014

Review of ‘Sound and Emotions’ musical event organized by ‘Aantardhwani’
Dharwad at Veerendra Hegde Kalakshetra Dharwad. Performed by
Shri Bapu Padmanabha and his team.

It’s a beautiful union between the talented musicians and emotional
audience in their own and unique style which turned out to be a fantastic
function as . i.e. celebration of – .

What I mean to say is, recently the Veerendra Hegde Kalakshetra, the
beautiful auditorium in between Hubli-Dharwad twin cities reverberated with
the amazing, soothing and spiritualized mystic performance of fusion music by
well-known flutist Shri Bapu Padmanabha. The event was organized by the team
of Aantardhwani Dharwad in the guidance of maestro-Guru Shri Bapu himself.

Shri Bapu Padmanabha a multitalented prodigy renowned in India and
world for his immense skills and dexterity for producing music with both
Eastern and Western influences along with his own soul-soothing flute recital.
One can experience his creative flute playing in the form of fluidity as well as
mysticism, which in turn helps as great guide for any spiritual practice or
heightened thoughts.

Over the years, the graceful and unique style of Shri Bapu has put him to
directly heart connecting and cutting-edge experiments in sound-scape. With
that huge experience at this event he came up with, directly heart connecting
various presentations of Naada and Bhaava like… Classical Aalap, Karuna, Bhakti,
Trance music, Peace, Mantra, Meditation, Fusion music etc. along with his mind
blowing flute music.

Basically purpose of the program was purely Thanks giving act to the
Existence by experiencing the language of hearts through divine music. And
also it was like a big concluding celebration of “Venu Yaatra” since many
students from schools and colleges of twin cities along with their teachers and
parents enjoyed this divine musical extravaganza.

Here I would like to say my immense happiness as, Fragrance of children,
Taste of youngsters, Essence of elders, Talent of musicians and of course
Blessings of Existence [ ] made the place & time a real Heaven, in
which every one immersed in deepest enjoyment independently in their own
individual way.

Shri Bapu began with explanation that how he experimented the music among
the students of various schools and collages through “Venu Yatra” ,a beautiful
method of interaction with young generation and introducing them the
forgotten language of heart and also importance of “Dashanaada” to
communicate with.

Finally the dream moment, a real zeal started by Bapu playing flute with
soothing and melodious classical Raagaalaap on that victorious evening. Now the
Peace of the auditorium gained gradual Pace and accelerated into a melodic
frenzy .As his nimble fingers rapidly moved across the flute, a rush of notes
and well-spun designed phrases emerged to prove the young artist’s versatile

Next to add more beautiful colours, the plangent sound of
shri Uday Kulkarni’s Tabala [Tirakita school of Tabala Dharwad] , arose the
soul of flute sound , transporting the audience to ” “.

Then this delightful musical drama moved by some more skilled artists playing
impressively their own divine instruments. Noticeably Mridangam played by
shri Sunil Subhramanya from Bangaluru , Ghatam played by shri S. Manjunatha
from Mysore, Key-board managed by shri Kishan and finally shri Ramakant Raut
accompanied by his versatile Tabala saath to the musicians.  Shri Bapu engaged audience by pulling them into the meditational and universal prayers by making them chant all holy names of Existance… Narayana
Hari Narayana… Jaya jaya Shankara loka guru… etc.

The meditative form of “Shiva bhajan” , hilarious trance music and his
gestures with his both hands pointing upward saying continuously that

“ What can I say… when everything is His blessings “.

The experience of our human body created by God, has responded as a
magnificent, subtle and beautiful “Living Temple” with great grace on the
moment. This means, regardless of what we face in life, if we are empowered
enough to really understand our inherent energetic capacity by a pure spiritual
person, then believe me it is going to be an amazing experience to discover our
deepest real essence of Soul. Shri Bapu knows the key that will unlock and
connect through our subtle energy to the inner bliss of ” “…

At this stage, one can see shifts in their outer world. But the intention of
focus was deeply towards inner world… your relationship to yourself and your
inner state of mind. So totally all were speechless and breathless indeed…
… Sound of ” ” awakened the audience.

Bapu has proved that there is no necessity of following classical or
traditional style to impress the audience of all generation and of all category.
In fact it is the soulful voice and emotional [ ] composition of the Godly
lyrics which can shake the sensational spirituality. And this work has been done
by chanting the popular “Rudra” which truly made for the grand finale, and
which successfully brought the satisfaction and happiness among the classic
as well as classified audience.

Lastly this ‘work’ is about surrendering. Shifting our inner compass and
recalibrating our ‘BEING’ towards authentic original essence to accept
undoubted ‘EXISTENCE’.

The marvelous journey with fusion of ” – ” ended by the union of
pure ‘Self with God’.

Reviewd by : – 
Rajashree Majumdar.