Sarve Janaaha Sukhino Bhavantu


Bapu Flute Mantra Dhyan Koppal

*ನ ನಾದೇನ ವಿನಾ ಗೀತ೦ ನ ನಾದೇನ ವಿನಾ ಸ್ವರಹ !*
*ನ ನಾದೇನ ವಿನಾ ನೃತ್ಯ೦ ತಸ್ಮಾನ್ನಾದಾತ್ಮಕ೦ ಜಗತ್ !!*
There is No Song without the Nada,
Nor Music Without it ;
Without Nada there is No Dance.
Indeed the Whole Creation itself is Nada.

Bapu Padmanabha

Bapu Padmanabha

Indian Flute/Bansuri.

Bapu Padmanabha

A Mechanical Engineer by profession,Bapu Padmanabha always has music on his mind.Picking up a Flute at a fair was his first brush with the musical instrument and accepted by his idol Guru Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia as a student.

“When he was in his second semester at college,He approached Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia and requested him to accept him as a student.After a short demonstration recital Guruji accepted him as a student in August 1999.

The same year Bapu also received the Panna Devi Music Scholorship by his Idol Guru Hariji and his association with music got stronger by the day.Practising for hours together Bapu says “Music for me is a process of self healing and is a very relaxing experience.

Although Bapu practises classical music,Bapu enjoys fusion and likes to experiement with different forms of music.Says he ” I believe,It is easier for the younger generation to relate to music and it is also one way of making traditional instruments popular with them.”

Bapu performed at various prestigious music festivals in India,specially at OSHO  Commune International Pune for the Meditation sessions and at OSHO Samadhi,composed music for few Kannada Films and worked with Hriharan,Shaan etc.

Bapu’s music has been released under the title “Music As Therapy” by MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS GOVT. OF INDIA”